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We Own The NIght: Disc Golf After Dark, LED Disc Golf, Night Ultimate

What's it all about? Black Jax Sports makes night-time fun.

Everything is more fun at night! If you are into Night Ultimate (aka Glow Ultimate, Ultimate Frisbee) or Night Disc Golf (aka Glow Disc Golf, Frolf, Frisbee Golf) with glow-in-the-dark frisbees or just tossing light up frisbees at night, you'll love our LED Light-Up Flying Discs. Have a blast playing in the moonlight with our LED Light-Up Beach Balls on the beach, at the pool, or bouncing around at an outdoor evening concert. Throw our LED Light-Up Boomerangs while camping out over night in the woods. Have a great night with your furry pals with our LED Light-Up Dog Discs...whatever it is, Black Jax Sports has the high quality light-up products for your nighttime world. All with long lasting, replaceable Lithium batteries. Designed and constructed to professional standards...tested tough and played hard. Fun at night! That's what we're all about. Pretty simple, huh?


LED Frisbee Golf, LED Disc Golf, Light-Up Disc Golf, Night Disc Golf, Lighted Disc Golf, Glow Disc Golf

The WORLD'S FIRST Light-Up DISC GOLF flying discs. GLOW!


LED Ultimate Flying Disc, Light Up Frisbee, Glow In The Dark Frisbee, Light-Up Ultimate Flying Disc, Night Ultimate, Lighted Ultimate, Glow Ultimate

The BRIGHTEST illuminated Ultimate Flying Discs period.


LED Light Pods, Night Light Pods, Glow Light-Up Pods, Disc Golf Cage Lights, Disc Golf Basket Lights, Frisbee Lights

The BRIGHTEST and most versatile Light Pods on the planet.


LED Boomerangs, Light-Up Boomerangs, Lighted Boomerangs, Glow Boomerangs

Designed by World Boomerang Champ ERIC DARNELL.


LED Dog Discs, Light-Up Dog Discs, Dog Frisbees, Night Dog Toy

The WORLD'S FIRST Light-Up Flying Discs for dogs.


LED products for Kids, LED Beach Balls, Light-Up Beach Balls, LED Mini Frisbee

The BRIGHTEST mini Light-Up Flying Discs just for kids.

Join The Ravolution! Our multi-color disc puts the Flashflight Disc-o to shame.

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